Nero D’inferno Limited Edition Grog Set


The Montana BOLD 200ml ULTRA INK refill is the foundation of your graffiti and tagging marker needs. The hard wearing plastic bottle is fitted with a witches hat, re-sealable lid, that comes to a sharp accurate point for efficient and clean refilling. Building on the already much loved Montana “Strong Black” ink formula, the ULTRA INK is the contemporary optimized version of what was already great.



The untold story of the oldest Italian leather dye brand who changed the graffiti game.

Hand-numbered luxury box celebrating a product of other times. The iconic Grog refill bottle in a precious 100 ml version meets Nero D’Inferno to mint a collector’s product, framed by a soft foam in a ton-sur-ton packaging. Inside, an A6 booklet describing an incredible story, where the needs of early ’90s writers have brought this penetrating and unalterable black dye to fame. 45 pages steeped with history, images and quotes of international writers who left their mark, literally and everywhere, over the years.

1800 pieces Limited Edition, get it before it gone!